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Custom Designs

When you want something special that no one else has or can't be purchased off the rack, custom designed clothing is what you need. It's a garment that is tailored to your taste, size, shape, color, and astectic. When it's done right; It makes you stand out, feel unique, feel special and authentically you.



When you have a garment that you like and it doesn't fit quite right, alterations are the perfect option. An off the rack garment can look custom just by getting it tailored to you and/or by adding a little something different. That can turn it into a garment you love.



Sometimes we possess garments that we love but, they may not fit anymore, or may be a little out dated, or maybe it belonged to someone else previously and you want to make it into something totally different.  Let us resign it. Whether it's your mom's or even your old wedding gown. It can be redesigned into a christening gown or 1st anniversary dress. Let's explore your options

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